2018 – 2019 Calendar



September 5 (Wednesday)
Fall Session Begins

October 8 (Monday)
Columbus Day Open for Classes

November 11 (Monday)
Veteran’s Day – Observed Open for Classes

November 26 (Monday)
Holiday Showcase Tickets Go On Sale 

November 22 (Thursday) – November 25 (Sunday)
Closed for Thanksgiving Holiday

December 16 (Sunday)
Holiday Showcases

December 22, 2018 (Saturday) – January 4, 2019 (Friday)
Closed for Winter Break


January 5 (Saturday)
Winter Session Begins

January 21 (Monday)
Martin Luther King Birthday Open for Classes

February 2 (Saturday)
TDC June Musical Revues – Costume Money Due

February 18 (Monday)
President’s Day Open for Classes

April 14 (Sunday) – April 21 (Sunday)
Closed for Spring Break

April 29 (Monday)
June Musical Revues – Information to Students (Detailed Information regarding all June Recitals given to students)

May 13 (Monday)
June Musical Revues – Tickets Go On Sale

May 19 (Sunday)
Technical Rehearsal (Only for Dancers in June 22 Extended Revue)

May 27 (Monday)
Memorial Day Open for Classes

June 2 (Sunday)
Pictures (Time/Schedule TBA)

June 21 (Friday)
Last Day of Classes

June 21 (Friday)
Dress Rehearsal (Only for Dancers in June 22 Extended Revue)

June 22 (Saturday)
June Musical Revues

June 23 (Sunday) – July 7 (Sunday)
Closed for Summer Break

July 8 (Monday)
Summer Session Begins


The DANCE Company will be closed Thanksgiving Weekend, Winter Break, Spring Break,  Summer Break and Fall Break.

TDC does not close for any other holidays.

Inclement Weather Closures are announced on the following:  TDC main telephone answering machine(703-385-8838); the TDC website (www.tdcdance.com; and the TDC Facebook page (The Dance Company

*TBA = To Be Announced